We care about your personal data

What do we collect?
We collect your name, a username, email and mobile phone - the minimum required to be able to send you info and reminders about equipment you have borrowed.
We give you control of how long we keep your data. We have to keep your information while you have borrowed equipment - and for some short time afterwards, in case for example a part is missing. How long we keep your data after that is up to you - we ask you when you enter your data if you want us to keep it for 30 days, 1 year or 2 years after the latest transaction. Choose one or two years if you don't want to have to enter your data again next time you borrow something.
What do we do with your data?
We only use your data to keep track of who has borrowed what equipment and send you info and reminders about your loan. We do not share your data with anyone.
When we send you an email or SMS, some data is sent to or crosses the network of other entities, for example your email service provider and the mobile network provider.
Your rights
You have the right to have your personal data deleted or corrected. Just contact us.
Who should you contact and who is responsible?
You should contact the institution you borrowed equipment from first - they are the data controller. If you do not get a satisfactory response within 30 days, feel free to contact Nicolas Padfield nicolas (at) padfield.dk 28378118
How do we safeguard your data?
We follow industry best practice re encryptation of data passing over the network, encryptation of passwords, using leading well tested open source software solutions, keeping software updated. Servers are locked up and off site backups stored in a safe - all within the EU. We give you control of how long we keep your data, and automatically delete your personal data.
What other data is stored?
We keep logs of IP numbers for security purposes up to 2 years.
For admins
For admins, not normal users: We store your password, encrypted and salted with an industry acclaimed hash function. If you visit the web application as an administrator and log in, a cookie is set for the duration of your session, and a long lived cookie is set for 1 year. This long lived cookie only stores the username and realm you use, to make it easier for you to log in next time.